Vodka is the Answer

Being Irish Catholic, I’ve begun to wonder if my ancestors got it right. Is drinking the answer?  My Italian Jewish friend says it may just lead to more questions. Wise words from someone who does not recognize Jesus as the Messiah that he is. I’m kidding.  I wasn’t there, I have no idea who is what. I expect all of the answers to be revealed upon death.. or again, maybe drinking is the answer.

MaineGuy is returning to the ship next week. He will be away for 2 months. For his last home cooked meal, I’m going to attempt to recreate his most favorite dish ever (outside of Sushi).

Alla Vodka Rustica.

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Vodka Rustica is penne pasta mixed with tissue thin slices of prosciutto and grilled chicken in Awesome Sauce. My Awesome Sauce will be made up of fresh organic cream, tomatoes off the vine, and Grey Goose Vodka. I know nothing about Vodka; is Grey Goose good?

Do I sound like I know how to cook? I just started cooking 3 weeks ago. You see, at the end of our weekends, I was often in tears for no legitimate reason. I was emotionally exhausted; I discovered it was due to living a life of extremes. 3 days a week I live alone. I have nothing but alone time. 4 days a week I live with a wonderful family of 3. I love both lifestyles, I just needed balance.

As an introvert (INFP for those who know of Myer Briggs), I need alone time to refuel. Extroverts need people, Introverts need alone time.  I’m also very much affected by the moods of others. At any given time, I’m as happy as the least happy person in the room.

Since there is no such thing as alone time with young children, I take a trip to the kitchen and become completely absorbed in cooking. It is bliss. His kitchen is big, beautiful and drenched in sunlight.  No more weekends ending in tears. I also have more to offer the terrific threesome, because I’m taking time to refuel.  It’s perfect.  MaineGuy is happy because he gets a good meal. The kiddies have alone time with their Dad, and I get some Me time. Win, win, win.


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Dating a Prisoner

My friend, Barb, is dating a man in prison. It’s a long story, and not mine to tell, but don’t judge a book by its cover. Barb and I have discovered her challenges with dating a prisoner of the state are similar to my challenges with dating a merchant marine, otherwise known as a prisoner of the sea.

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I could even argue maintaining a relationship with prisoner of the state is easier than maintaining a relationship with a prisoner of the sea. However, I won’t dare to take such a bold stance as my man has a say in when he returns home. It’s hard to believe, but prisoners of the state have more resources available to them.

Exhibit A:

Privilege Prisoner of the State Prisoner of the Sea
Phone Many smuggle in cell phones and call when they like. Emergency use only
Email Yes Yes
Internet usage Yes, in minimum security prisons. No
Cable TV Yes No
On-site Gym Yes No
Conjugal Visits Yes No
Divorce rate 85% 3.6 % a year

The divorce rate is actually the divorce rate of Navy Sailors. I’m betting the divorce rate is higher for Merchant Marines, but I cannot prove it. I presume the wives of Navy sailors have a larger support network. At a minimum, they have more resources made available to them. The wives of Merchant Marines are typically isolated. I don’t know one single person dating or married to a Merchant Marine. Nada. 99% of the people I meet have no knowledge of the profession. They assume it’s a branch of the military.

Of course, there are some benefits to these challenges. My relationship with MaineGuy is, by far, more rewarding than any relationship I’ve had with prisoners of the corporate world (I can’t be the only one to notice the similarities of a cubicle and a prison cell ). Our time together is precious. We don’t dare take each other for granted… Ok, I’m exaggerating; he’s a guy, he would take me for granted if I didn’t give him a good talking to every so often.

I’m also more self sufficient than I would be with a land man. When your partner is gone 5 months of the year, it challenges you to be stronger and more resourceful. I don’t have the luxury of relying on him to fix everything. If the toilet won’t stop running, I need to fix it. I haven’t yet, but I need to. It’s like freaking water torture.  Single women also have to be self sufficient, but, as a single woman, I would choose to live in a condo instead of a big house with things that go bump.

Finally, the sex is also intensified. It’s not like the guy is getting ‘strange’ but the time apart keeps the anticipation strong. Do you know what getting ‘strange’ means? I just learned this; it’s guy speak for having sex with someone new. I need a Man to English dictionary.


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The Cast

Molly Michaels –  This would be me. Wife of a Merchant Marine. Both a Stepmom and Mother of 3. Loves thinking about working out one of these days (this counts as half a workout), iced coffee, writing, cooking, not wearing a swimsuit, and learning.

MaineGuy –  The Husband.  Merchant Marine. Loves his family, trap shooting, and sushi.

MaineBoy-  9yo

MaineGirl –  8yo

MaineBaby – 1yo

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About This Blog

Why Blog?

Oh, why not;  I’m declaring myself an eventual expert of something or other and will begin spewing advice through this blog .  Those who seek advice rarely take  advice.  So, where’s the harm in little ol’ me giving advice?

My hope is for  this blog to serve as both a source of pleasure, and a source of growth. Whether you laugh at my mistakes and learn from my successes, or the other way around, is of no concern to me. I only hope you laugh and learn one way or another.  I also hope, for your sake and mine, to one day have an Editor for this blog.  Grammar Schrammer. When  in doubt, throw in a comma.

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